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Saberproject: Clone Wars Adventures – Day 4

17 August 2008 @ 9:00 am 6:00 pm

Sunday, 17th August 2008 * Last day – premature departure – Schnitzelhuber

The last day began and everything started as usual, with bulding-up our stand. But today we met ealier because our first presentation had already been at 13:30. 
Before the first visitors entered, we practiced our choreographies again with the music. 
This time Anatim vs. Scoulcher should be the first fight, the following was Bertuzzi vs. Anatim feat. Shelby. At last Vader had the job to kill the surviving Jedi. 
Unfortunately Alex had to leave us at 16:00 because of his long return journey, so we had to do the last presentation without him. Due to this we changed our programm, Anatim vs. Swaktor should be the first fight now, followed by the fights which were planned before. Now Tim participated in all three fights and this was a challenge of course. Nevertheless all presentations without too many mistakes. Wo also got experienced because of all these perfomances.

At 15:00 Lukas’ parents visited us to get an idea of our activities and to watch the movie. After our presentation at 17:30 was over we all eat out. Because we already hab been at Schnitzelhuber the day before and we were satisfied, we ate there again. 
We bought three monsterschnitzels and side order and two smaller dishes. As the day before, it was fun which was also up to the service and the quality. A bit cumsersome we returned to the cinema where we prepared for our last performance and received visitors. Again good timing was important and so the last presentation was faultless.

While the visitors watched the film, we began to releive our stand and ca. 2 hours later our cars were loaded. After a last control we took leave of the staff and returned home. All in all it was a wonderful weekend, with great atmosphere and nice guests.

At this point we want to thank the staff for the great service, which constributed basically to this. 

Special thanks to Robin Ehlert and Anja Redecker for the smooth course, planning and organisation, the appropiation of tecnical equipment as well as the catering!

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