Master Replicas FX-Lightsabers have been produced between 2002 and 2007 and are no longer comercially available. The selling price was around 129$, but some of these sabers are worth a multiple of this price for collectors by now. 
The blades of the sabers are build with 64 LEDs, which are simulating the power on and off effect of a Lightsaber. A soundboard which plays different clash- and swingsounds is installed in the solid metal hilt. 
Although the blades are made out of sturdy polycarbonate the LED-strips are fragile and you should only do rehearsed showfights with your FX-Lightsabers. Additionally you can use our tutorials to improve the sabers and make them useable for more freestyled-combat.

Click on one of the Episodes to get a review, pictures and a video for the different sabers.

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