Xiphias - Tims Lightsaber

Xiphias Lichtschwert von Tim

Xiphias is a custom lightsaber which was built by Tim back in 2009 and the first MHS based lightsaber in our team. 
The hilt is inspired by Anakins and Obi-Wans lightsaber from the movies and shows a few similarities.

The lightsaber was used in every single show until 2014. You can see the scratches and minor defects of the many battles where the saber fought against Sith on stage. Tim may not use it any more on stage, but it will always have a special place on our booth, for pictures at events and will still be used for workshops.

Current specifications:

  • Hilt based on the Modular Hilt System (MHS) by thecustomsabershop.com
  • Crystal Focus Saber Core V7.5 (SP-Surround ready)
  • 3D-printed chassis
  • BBW Triple Cree LED (blue blade color and white flash on clash)
  • 18500 2000mAh Li-Ionen rechareable batteries
  • 2W bass speaker
  • 2,1mm recharge port
  • Custom killkey

Just click on the different tabs to take a look at the evolution steps of the saber. Begin with the initial build of the Mark 1 (MK1) up to the current MK11

    Mark 11: April 2015

    Mark 9: September 2014
  • New hole for the blade retention screw
  • Mark 10: Oktober 2014
  • Exchange of the LED, still using a Tri-Cree

    Mark 8: December 2013
  • 3D-printed chassis
  • Completely renewed mounting system

    Mark 7: May 2013
  • Cleaning of all parts
  • New Luke ESB styled grips
  • Upgrade to CF 6
  • Wiring for the Saberproject Surround system

    Mark 6: March to October 2012
  • Cutting of the chassis to imprive soundvolume
  • Miscellaneous repairs, bigger scratch from FACTS

    Mark 5: March 2012
  • First saber to use the Tri-Force Saberproject LED (Triple Cree)
  • BBW for Flash on Clash

    Mark 4: December 2011
  • Flash on Clash using a Cree MC-E RGBW LED
  • 7,4V Li-Ionen rechargeable batteries setup
  • Plecter Labs sound-hack for CF

    Mark 3: May 2011
  • Cleaning of all parts
  • New chassis, still made of plastic parts
  • Upgrade to CF 5.1

    Mark 2: July 2010
  • Simple chassis made of a plastic-tube and board
  • Adding a hole for the blade retention screw
  • 3,7V Li-Ion rechargeable battery Setup

    Mark 1: February 2009
  • First build
  • CF 4.1
  • Seoul P4 LED blue
  • 4x 1,2V NIMH rechargeable batteries

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