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Saberproject & CinemaxX-Herten: Fan Days

29 December 2008 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm

Monday, Decemer 29th 2008 * Delay - Buildup - Let's go

The first day "Saberproject goes CinemaxX Herten" began at about 3:00 pm. We were had to start at that time, since the cinema had technical problems. Our stand was set up by Andre, Jan and Lukas, while the other half was in a traffic jam for fetching Iris and Markus who just arrived at the railway station. 
At 5:00 pm the new ones also arrived.

Jan prepared the beamer that projected our trailer on a big screen. 
The three girls, Iris, Jasmin and Jana helped during the days in the cinema, even though they were no team members. They arranged the selling of lots. But of course they also took some sabers. Jasmin trained together with Lukas their choreography and helped Jana and Iris to beat up Markus. So all had their fun... almost all.

Schließlich erschienen die ersten neugierigen Besucher an unserem Stand, schauten sich um und befragten das Team. 
Es wurde erklärt, vorgeführt und diskutiert.

In calmer times everyone was mostly swinging their sabers. Especially Tim and Markus were happy to do some improvisation again. Revising the choreographies also worked better than thought. Doing a choreo after 4 month pause, without going through the hits one time, without bigger problems seemed to be magic. The force was with us.

Despite these successes we didn't do a show on Monday and stayed to small fights in the foyer. At about 8:00pm we satisfied our appetite with pizza.
Gegen 20 Uhr konnten wir dann unseren Hunger mit Pizza stillen. Nach einigen weiteren Besuchern und einem insgesamt sehr schönen Abend räumten wir schließlich gegen 23 Uhr unseren Stand und verstauten die Sachen in einem angrenzenden Raum. Anschließend machten wir uns auf den Weg und trafen gegen 0 Uhr zuhause ein, wo wir allerdings erst gegen halb vier ins Bett gingen, da noch ein paar Schäden an Schwertern behoben werden mussten 😉

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