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Star Wars Celebration Europe II – Day 3

28 July 2013 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm

Sunday, 28.07.2013 * Mark Hamill and VIP visit - Anaheim 2015 - THANKS!

After the last two days had past far too quickly, third day and the finale were just around the corner. We got up early and had a good breakfast to start the event with some new power.
More or less fit, but definitely in a good mood, we made our way back to the trade fare.

For we arrived there sooner than expected, we had some time left to have a chat with the other exhibitors and to walk around the halls and take some pictures of the models dioramas.
At 9.30 a.m. the area opened for the last time for this great event and the first visitors walked by. The crowd was still huge and we had a lot do to answering the questions and giving one or another tip for the self-made lightsaber.

To make the sensation perfect, even Kathleen Kennedy, the Lucasfilm president, dropped by our booth for some interesting chat.

In the afternoon the long awaited panel of Mark Hamill was about to begin. The line was enormous and ran to the other end of the area. To make it possible for us to watch the show, some of us and our assistants stayed at the booth to look for our sabers and slowly start cleaning up.

After the panel the closing ceremony started, where we heard a lot about the last three days and saw all of the actors one more time. 
During this show the next Celebration was announced as well - it will take place in Anaheim in California in 2015!

Shortly after that the halls closed and we could start dismounting our booth and packing our sabers. We also had a lot of time to say goodbye to all our friends and acquaintances, before we finally headed for our homes.

Like all the other events, it was a fantastic show and a great experience withexhausting, but awesome activities and new friends.

At this point we would like to thank all visitors and especially our assistants Jan, Hendrik, Jasmin, Monika and Nick for staying with us during this weekend.

In particular we thank Stefan, who did not even support us at our booth repeatedly, but was also significantly involved in our surround system's development and realization and who helped making our show Friday night a unique experience!

We hope you guys had a great time and we are looking forward to the next event.

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