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Legoland 2015

4 June 2015 @ 8:00 am 7 June 2015 @ 5:00 pm

Back in the great land of bricks

This was our sixth time at Legoland and our first event of this season.

We built our booth and had the company of old friends who we have not seen since the last Legoland event. It was great to see everyone greeted with a warm embrace again. The German Garrison was well represented with more than 270 members which was a record for the largest number of participants. This large group of Star Wars costumed made for an impressive gathering.

The number of participants was not the only record breaking factor. We faced record-breaking but also high temperatures as well. Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers and Jedi all bared the heat of temperatures beyond 30°C to entertain the visitors. In spite of the exhausting heat all participants had a lot of fun and celebrated the common passion.

Our team was supported by great assistants. Without them, an event of this size would have been impossible. Our stage performance did experience some difficulties at the beginning because Tim had to interrupt the dress rehearsal due to a bloody nose and Dino had to learn the choreographies of Darth Vader through the night because Alex could only be available on site for two days. However we were able to present our stage performance without mistakes.

The new show contains a bigger story as usual. Set up at the time of the galactic war with a small group of Jedi who are hunted by the dark henchmen of the empire, the inquisitors, by order of Darth Vader. However, there are skeptics and traitors in the empire, which faned the flames of Rebellion. The new performance is 20 minutes long and contains spoken dialogues. There was an amazing performance by Ferenc Husta as narrator and voice of Darth Vader. Ferenc Husta als Darth Vaders Stimme und Erzähler.

Four days blurred into a fantastic event that left many of us with great memories: Reunion with many friends, excited reactions to our stage performance and lightsaber exhibition, the 15th anniversary celebration of the German Garrison and 10th annual meeting at Legoland, the spontaneous singing performance by star guest Jay Laga’aia and of course Legoland itself which is always worth a visit.

You will find more impressions of all four days, sorted by our shows, the Mindstorms Center and the park in general in the other tabs of this report.

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