Shop Relaunch

Saberproject Shop Relaunch

The Saberproject Shop got an update: after the redesign of the Saberproject main page the shop also got a new system.
Furthermore from 15th of October (Tuesday) at 7 pm Tiros and blades will available again. The “Apprentice”, the Novice’s successor will also be available then.
Take a look at


Über die letzten Monate haben wir unsere Saberproject Challenge Videos veröffentlicht, die euch vor Herausforderungen stellen sollen.

Angefangen mit 100 Sinnloswirbeln am Stück bis hin zu 100 Bogenwürfen machen wir euch vor was mit Training möglich ist. Versucht es selber:

Fanware Merchandise Shop

Lange haben wir überlegt, ob wir Merchandise anbieten sollen. Immer mal wieder gab es auf Events Fragen von euch, ob es irgendwo T-Shirts, Caps oder Pullover zu kaufen gibt.

Jetzt endlich haben wir diese Möglichkeit über einen Spreadshop von Spreadshirt geschaffen!

Unter erreicht ihr ab sofort unseren Shop, in dem es eine große Auswahl an Designs und Produkten gibt. Alles ist dabei, für groß und klein, für Frauen, Männer und Kinder.

Hier ein paar Beispiele aus der Designauswahl:

Vintage Design
Angelehnt an das Design eines berühmten Outlaws einer anderen Galaxie
Unser Gründungsdatum in einem minimalistischen Design

Schaut einfach mal rein, wir würden uns riesig freuen euch auf einem der nächsten Events mit einem unserer Motive zu entdecken.

Lightsaber-duels are a sport now!

Fencing with the lightsaber - now possible in France

You may have already read it on social media: Lightsaber dueling is now a recognized sport in France. The official French Fencing Federation (FFE) is now combining the elegant weapon of a far, far away galaxy with classic fencing and is adding this form of fencing to its repertoire as a new discipline. The fencing is done with lightsaber replicas in which the polycarbonate blade is illuminated by LEDs - just as we know it.

But this unusual combination will probably not make it to the next Olympic Games in Tokyo, and we will probably not see any lightsabers in Paris in 2024 either.

But with all the attention this message is receiving at the moment, the fencing sport behind the lightsaber remains clearly recognizable: similar to other groups that have already tried to combine it with Kendo. The difference for fencing is that it is now official recognized.

Lightsaber fighting exists as an art form, as a choreographed performance as you could see it especially in episodes I to III. The lightsaber fight lives from its dynamics, its speed and its elegance, in this respect it is closer to dancing than to sword fighting. The form recognized by the FFE is hardly comparable with the lightsaber duels we know and love so much.

Time will tell to what extent Star Wars fans in France will be able to enjoy it, but let us ask heretical: does fencing really need the lightsaber in addition to foil, sabre and sword?

Novice - Your first lightsaber

The Novice is a solid beginner saber suitable for children with light and sound for less than 100€. It is available with two different finishes with blue, red, or green LED. 
After we sold some of these sabers at Noris Force Con 5 and the Technik Museum Speyer they are now available online as well. 
Go to the shop to get yours!