15th anniversary of Saberproject and RISE OF THE LAST INTERN Story Teaser

Last year was a completely different year for us and currently it doesn't look like much will change anytime soon. We miss events and team meetings.

We were able to work on our big project we have been working on for almost two years. Originally, RISE OF THE LAST INTERN, the sequel to THE INTERN AWAKENS, was supposed to be finished last year.

Filming in October/November 2019 was also the last team project for us together, we never thought we would not be able to see each other for over a year after that.

Since we are planning a theatrical premiere to celebrate with the crew that made this film possible in the first place, we are pushing the release of the film to an as yet undetermined date in 2021 and taking more time to finish the sequel to our most successful YouTube video.

So today, to celebrate Saberproject's 15th anniversary, we present another teaser, which gives a glimpse into the story of RISE OF THE LAST INTERN gibt.

We are working again with Only Sound , who are composing the music of the movie and welcome kyberphonic as a partner to provide movie-accurate lightsaber sounds.

Finally, other stars of the film make their first appearance, as a large crew of club members, friends and even family members were involved in the realization of this heartfelt project.

We celebrate with you 15 years of Saberproject and present the story teaser for RISE OF THE LAST INTERN

We don't reveal everything yet of course and will have some surprises in store for you.

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