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Celebration Europe 2007 – Day 3

14 July @ 9:00 am 6:00 pm

Lost in London - Day 3 - Saturday- No attention/Celebration Europe/shopping spree/Lukas/Fanboys 
After getting up and having breakfast on Saturday (and after Alex' watches to female beings) we were off to ExCel. Since we were without costumes the way took 15 minutes less, as the passengers didn't notice or want to take photos anymore.

First we looked for the fan lounge, which we didn't find on Friday, as many other places. After a longer search we went one floor and walked past a way and finally got to fan lounge where we met Steve Sansweet. Alex wanted to take a photo but Tim had to hurry again and just walked away.

After that we visited the Lucasfilm archives. Then we watched different stands, where Alex bought a Vader ESB and ROTS mini for all in all 25 pounds. There also was a Qui-Gon LE for 100pounds, of which Alex had to take photos. 2 stands later we found a Vader ESB 5 pounds cheaper. Then we went to the Celebration Europe Shop and bought T-Shirts, posters etc.

Next point was Force Unleashed panel, where the trailer was shown. Then we plan less walked through the convention and accidentally met Lukas (that time not yet in the team), with who we spent the rest of the time until we walked to the next panel where we watched the rough-cut of the film "Fanboys". 
Then we were on our way to our hotel and met on the way to the station a few other Germans, one as Darth Maul . When we arrived in the hotel we had to wait one hour for our meal which didn't taste very well, but the waitress looked quite nice" ;) when we finished eating we wanted to sleep, but Tim was busy with annoying with "Mmm... rest I need. Yes... rest" and "There is ... another ... Sky ... Sky ... walker".

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