For more than 10 years we have been presenting our skills in lightsaber shows of different lengths. Depending on the conditions of the event you get included and learn all about the world of lightsabers.

The show, seen as a theater play transports you to a galaxy far, far away and lets you dive into the universe. The story is imagined by us, but close to the movies and meant to be a complement to side.storys.
On stage the team wears authentic costumes. Aspecial highlight is our worldwide unique "Saberproject Surround".

Any lightsaber sounds are being generated live by the motion of the lightsabers and are played by the sound system. No other sounds cause more goosebumps than the humming of lightsabers.

Since a few years we've been getting support from Ferenc Husta. You can hear the former member of the A capella band
"Wise Guys" as the narrator to our adventures on stage.

Another recognizable voice is Luke Skywalker, thanks to voice actor Hans-Georg Panczak.

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