Obi-Wan Kenobi TPM FX-Lightsaber (2009)

First Impression
The Obi-Wan saber is optically well done.
The nice slender design catches the eye immediately. The hilt is very well-crafted and gets quite close to the original from the movie.

No other saber by Master Replicas or Hasbro has such a small diameter as the Obi-Wan TPM.
All tricks can be mastered without difficulty and promise a high degree of fun, because the handling as well as the balance is simply perfect.
The Pommel/locking ring with its distant parts can be a bit disturbing; while doing tricks these parts might also hurt the hands.
Unfortunately the activator directly lies in the palm of the hand (same problem as with the Mace Windu saber) and unintentional switching on and off can not be avoided.

Light and Sound
Due to the larger Pommel/locking ring and its construction the sound is a bit faint, but identical to the usual Jedi-sounds. The brightness and luminosity is the same as in all other models and satisfying. 
The saber is run with three AAA batteries.

By turning the activator frequently, it will become very free-moving which will effect even more unintentional switching on and off. Apart from that there is no other abrasion noted yet.
The blade has a high risk of breakage! The blade holder is quite ill constructed, for the blade does not reach very far into it. Thereby it can easily break even with slight strokes.

In terms of looks and handling the Obi-Wan TPM definitely is one of the best sabers.
It is well-made for learning and showing all kinds of tricks. However there will be no way to use this saber in advanced shows, for the risk of breakage of the blade is far too high. Nevertheless it is indispensable for every collector or Star Wars fan.

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