Darth Maul TPM FX-Lightsaber wrb (2010)

First Impression
When unpacking the saber the new design of the surface catches the eye immediately. In comparison with its forerunner the new Darth Maul possesses a matt finish.
Apart from that this saber does not differ from the former models with a blade, which is integrated into the hilt.
Naturally a connector is also be part of the delivery, so one can assemble two sabers two one staff.

The saber runs, as all other models with a removable blade, with 3 AAA batteries. The balance has highly improved, for the blades are much thinner than those from all former models.
Die Balance hat sich deutlich verbessert, da die Klingen wesentlich dünner sind als die seiner Vorgänger.
Because of this advancement and the fact that the balance point does not lay within the blade anymore, one is able to handle all kinds of tricks even with only one saber.
Only the emitter's design is a little bulky in the single version.
The staff version convinces with its balance. Moreover one can handle tricks even faster and with less effort because of the lighter weight.

Light and Sound
The crimson glow of the blade can be compared to that of the other Sith-blades. However the sound has been altered by Hasbro in a very positive way.
Four new clash- and moving-sounds each make this saber even more interesting than the older versions. Especially when using it as a staff saber the sound raises the fun.
When switching on the saber without a blade one gets another sound that shall reproduce the sound of a malfunctioning lightsaber. With a removed blade one can insert a small application into the emitter, which shall depict the plate of the bladeemitter and lets the lightsaber appear even more authentic.

There is no noteworthy abrasion, for the hilt completely consists of metal. 
Only the black lacquering at the emitter may wear out with frequent use.

The Darth Maul leaves a good impression as a single as well as in the staff version. 
No matter if using it for the display case, to complete the adequate costume or to train various tricks - with this new edition one surely will have a lot of fun.

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