Darth Maul TPM FX-Lightsaber (2008)

First Impression
With this saber Hasbro sticked to the previous model by Master Replicas.
All details were took over 1:1. One thinks to hold the saber from the film. The only difference is the diameter, which is slightly bigger. 
Hasbro also put in the connecter for connecting two single Darth Maul FX lightsabers to the doublesaber known from the film. A single "battle damaged" saber also has attraction. 
One can see the guts and the crystal of the saber.

The saber is very massive and made out of metal. So it is quite heavy and the polycarbonate tube which is thicker then the others, makes the saber very tip heavy.
Its true power shows when connecting the two sabers to a doublesaber. Then the middle of the weight is right in the middle and fast tricks and hits are no problem. 
The activator is, as the previous model, used by twisting, so a power on by accident is rare.

Light and Sound
In comparison with a blue or a green blade this one does not glow that bright, but shines in a beautiful red. 
The sithsounds appears to be loud and clearly from the speaker, which unfortunately possesses only one chlashsound. The sounds are the same as used in the Darth Vader FX lightsaber

Since the blade is very durable and the hilt completely is made of metal, it is hard to break this saber.
Only the black color at the emitter bleaches after many uses.
The activator will become a bit free-moving and an accidentally turning on of off will get more often.

The true power of the Darth Maul FX lightsaber shows in the double version since it is very tip heavy as single saber.
If you are a fan of Darth Maul and his style, you won't get past this saber.

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